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U-M : James by monjinka
U-M : James

//there is no dark looms here/

▌P R O F I L E 

        • Name: James Narcissus
        • Age: 12 yo.
        • Birthday: February 14th
        • Nationality: British

        • Height: 5'1" /155cm
        • Weight: 101lb / 46kg
        • Hair colour: pale-blond
        • Eye colour: dark-brown

        • Blood Status: Pure-Blood
        • House: Hufflepuff
        • Year: 2nd
        • Pet:
            - Name: Hamlet
            - Species: Rodent, Winter White Dwarf Hamster
            - Gender: Male
            - Personality: | skilfully tamed | anti-social | spoiled |
    James took care of him since he was a child, caught red-handed eating in the garden. He loves shiny things such as: shining corn, shining berry?
    "Hamsters have poor eyesight; they are nearsighted and colorblind. All hamsters are excellent diggers"

        • Wand Ingredients :
            - Core: Dragon heartstring
            - Length: twelve and half inches
            - Wood: Sycamore
            - Flexibility: Reasonably supple

    "Sycamore is white wood.Wands choose owners based on their personalities: Sycamore- curious, vital, adventurous. Wand Quirks: Some wands create ‘special effects’ that only occur with one type of wood. Sycamore- will burst into flames if doing ‘boring’ magic repeatedly. Reasonably supple- A wand with this flexibility will take even more time than a supple wand before warming up to its owner, but it also will become very loyal once it does. Unlike supple wands, however, it will have difficulty performing for any new owner unless they prove their worthiness. Reasonably supple wands are usually well-rounded and perform average or well in just about every area of magic except for curses and jinxes. Owners of wands with this flexibility are patient and kind, but they have limits to this patience and kindness. They are not as likely to burn themselves out in an attempt to please everyone, but it is still possible." (source: pottermoreforum)

        • Electives : n/a
        Extraculicular :
- Muggle Art
            - Ghoul Studies

▌P E R S O N A L I T Y 

        • |+| Loyal | Trustworthy | Kindly | Calm | Avoids conflict | Confident | Flexible |
    Basically James is a peacelover, he also likes to observe human even non-humans, and really hates when peoples hurt each other. He is a patient person and can faces reality calmly. He prefer to avoids conflict, not interested in leading or controlling others. James never put it hard on himself and others. He believe that people has their own strength and weakness so peoples should have self confidence so did he. He has less worry to do anything he want and possible to be invited to do anything. He also a good-listener and will keep your secret by all means if you ask him to.

        • | - | Abstract-thinking | Bold | Introvert |
    Perhaps he'll become a -hard to deal with- person especially for serious person, because sometimes he'll get some extraordinary opinion, or speak of his mind without hesitation. He tents to keep his own problem and doesn't show his true emotions much. Also his habit to avoid troubles sometimes extend to irresponsibility.

        • Likes:
            + Bernard
            + nature
            + non-human creature (animals, beast, ghosts)
            + spicy food
            + daydreaming

        • Dislikes:
            - problems
            - memorize lessons

▌B I O G R A P H Y

        • History: (491 words)
        0yo. - 10yo.
    James was born from pure-blood family. He has twin brother, Bernard Narcissus who physically identical with him. Their parents first met in a 'Unknown Species and History Facts' exhibition. They fall in love and short story they married. They live in a modest house in the suburbs. Their mother was a ordinary housewife before finally got a job that required her to travel around the world for Care of Magical Creatures. It was hard decision but their father already thought it over to support their mother's dreams by let her go. James and Bernard was 5 years old that time. Their father was a journalist in small office but soon turn his job into freelance writer after the departure of his wife. Since then James used to take care of household chores helping their father everyday. He also loved reading book and having a little edible garden in house backyard, or one times he just following Bernard playing around skipped a home-school course.
        11yo.  Enrolled
    When Hogwarts acceptance letters come, it become a bit amusing because in that day their mail box was broken, so the letter just flied into their house, landed on the birthday cake and crushed it. Two letters, with Bernard's too. The thought that they can meet a lot of more peoples, friends in the same age made them both very exited, even the letter from their mother that saying she couldn't make it to see them off on first day didn't disappointed them at all (or they just used to it and didn't expect much). So excited they rushed their father to leave early on the opening day and got the platform still spacious. It seemed they're first students to get on the platform. Then everything in Hogwarts amazed him. He just couldn't stop his head moving to see around. That day also he was sorted to Hufflepuff.
        1 year school
    In his first year James manage to be a good student. His scores above average although he is not too good at social. He doesn't have any close friends, others only know him as fellow classmate. In holiday, his brother, Bernard have a lot of stories that he told their father everyday like there's no end of it, James started to think about himself that didn't really jump in his friend group activity this whole time, a year is enough to reduce the his excitement of school itself, he await something new and interesting event. Perhaps some friend could brought him to there? Now he's ready to start his second year
    About opinion about the looming threat of the muggle world : James thinks it's a bit impossible since muggles themselves find it hard to believe real magic exists, it's out of their logic. With social that strict it would be difficult to gather masses. In fact he's a bit curious himself to visit muggle world one day. If the two worlds could united would be better.

        • Family:
            - Father: Matthew Narcissus
                (Blood status: Pure-blood)
            - Mother: Jennifer Olive
                (Blood status: Pure-blood)
            - Twin Brother: Bernard Narcissus

▌M I S C E L L A N E O U S

        • Trivia:
    Bernard always give troubles for him because peoples keep mistook them, but James doesn't mind it much instead he finds it funny.
    - Have family that adventurous and open-minded make him doesn't have problem with blood status nor even with creature from outer space (if they're existed), besides he was not too concerned even if there's any person who doesn't like his behavior
    - Favourite class: Herbology; Weakness classes: Potion, Astronomy

        • Relationship:

        • RP Method: lit/script/drawRP/plot via dA note/G-docs/skype
MN : Kid by monjinka
MN : Kid
//try to join cool scary group. scary is cool XD//

[  p r o f i l e  ]

Keeper name: Kid
• Real name: Zhong Hei Ma
• Age of death: 16yo.
• Height: 5'2" / 158cm

[  t r a i t  ]

• Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    'A Chaotic Neutral character is an individualist who follows his or her own heart, and generally shirks rules and traditions. Although Chaotic Neutral characters promote the ideals of freedom, it is their own freedom that comes first; good and evil come second to their need to be free. Chaotic Neutrals are free-spirited and do not enjoy the unnecessary suffering of others. A Chaotic Neutral character does not have to be an aimless wanderer; it may have a specific goal in mind, but its methods of achieving that goal are often disorganized, unorthodox, or entirely unpredictable. If a Chaotic Neutral joins a team, it is because that team's goals happen to coincide with its own at the moment, but it invariably resents taking orders and can be very selfish in its pursuit of personal goals.'

• Personality: 
    + | easy-going | bright | calm | carefree | resourceful |
    -  | stubborn | irresponsible | bold | distrustful | self-centered |

• Likes:
    - sweets
    - song
    - kids
• Dislikes:
    - dirty
    - cold
    - evil spirit/human

[  b i o g r a p h y ]

• Past: 
    When Kid was a human, he was born from syndicate family in China. As the youngest of five siblings, his mother worrying for his safety and make an opposition about become successor at an early age. She then brought him to England with reason for study. They lived in a small house near Norwich city.

    Three years later, misfortune befall them. In one cold night, a fugitive serial murder that escapes from custody arrived at their house in his run. The man break in, and killed the servant at first so they can't run. Kid woke up hearing some noise from living room and encounter his mother being threatened. Driven by will to save his mother, he grabbed a gun and shot hitting the man arm. Kid resistance sparked more anger over the man. Before he could fire another bullet, he brought down and badly beaten. His mother that saw it, become hysterical and rise against the man but cause her got killed with Kid's gun. Not satisfied till there, he threw Kid out of the third floor balcony, fell on the lake that has hardened in winter caused him died instantly.

• Murder type: The Serial Killing

• Abilities:
    - Charge [ Base Skill ]
    - Heavy Slash [ Stage 1 ] +40stats

    - STR:  20(+10)               - CHA: 0(+5)
    - DEF:  10                        - INT:  0(+10)
    - MAG: 0                          - WIL: 10
    - SPD:  0(+10)                 - LUK: 0(+5)

• Weapon: Two-Handed Axe //yes that is an axe/

[  G o d  o f  D e a t h  ]

• Name: Anna World
• Location: North area Norwich
• Personality:
    + | kindly | avoids conflict | conscientious | sentimental | self-sufficient |
    -  | worrisome | taciturn | timid | skeptical | absent minded |
• Likes:
    - apple tea
    - tea time
    - holiday
• Dislikes:
    - work
    - people scolded
    - lightning
• Reason of late retrieval:
    Ann take on the role as a god of death with a half-hearted and in fact it's her first day of work. When a name appear in her Morte Nostra she was shakes her leg. 'Who is he?' 'How does he look?' 'How can I know it was him?' 'How to collect?' 'Can I do it?' 'What if I failed?' with those a lot of things in mind, she travelled to human world but ended losing direction then got lost. Further more she have not opportunity or guts to ask directions and passed the days distracted by the excitement of the city festival. She's even still in there, found was in a cafe in the corner of the city when it comes Dullahan's notify for demand responsibility. She admitted the mistake and asked for forgiveness.

[  m i s c e l l a n e o u s ]

• Currently:
    Living by himself in a small rent inn, because he know Ann prefers her privacy is not disturbed but later instead Ann bothering him with her complaints and babbles. Kid quite like his work as a keeper, besides he hasn't memories and other purposes. He is now in urge to become stronger and stronger
• Trivia:
    - The name 'Kid' comes because Ann named him arbitrarily. She doesn't too bothered by a simply name.
    - Kid has blonde hair with deep black colored eyes. The eyes are from his father that an Asian, his mother was a British.

• Relationship:

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