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MN : Kid by monjinka
MN : Kid
//try to join cool scary group. scary is cool XD//

[  p r o f i l e  ]

Keeper name: Kid
• Real name: Zhong Hei Ma
• Age of death: 16yo.
• Height: 5'2" / 158cm

[  t r a i t  ]

• Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    'A Chaotic Neutral character is an individualist who follows his or her own heart, and generally shirks rules and traditions. Although Chaotic Neutral characters promote the ideals of freedom, it is their own freedom that comes first; good and evil come second to their need to be free. Chaotic Neutrals are free-spirited and do not enjoy the unnecessary suffering of others. A Chaotic Neutral character does not have to be an aimless wanderer; it may have a specific goal in mind, but its methods of achieving that goal are often disorganized, unorthodox, or entirely unpredictable. If a Chaotic Neutral joins a team, it is because that team's goals happen to coincide with its own at the moment, but it invariably resents taking orders and can be very selfish in its pursuit of personal goals.'

• Personality: 
    + | easy-going | bright | calm | carefree | resourceful |
    -  | stubborn | irresponsible | bold | distrustful | self-centered |

• Likes:
    - sweets
    - song
    - kids
• Dislikes:
    - dirty
    - cold
    - evil spirit/human

[  b i o g r a p h y ]

• Past: 
    When Kid was a human, he was born from syndicate family in China. As the youngest of five siblings, his mother worrying for his safety and make an opposition about become successor at an early age. She then brought him to England with reason for study. They lived in a small house near Norwich city.

    Three years later, misfortune befall them. In one cold night, a fugitive serial murder that escapes from custody arrived at their house in his run. The man break in, and killed the servant at first so they can't run. Kid woke up hearing some noise from living room and encounter his mother being threatened. Driven by will to save his mother, he grabbed a gun and shot hitting the man arm. Kid resistance sparked more anger over the man. Before he could fire another bullet, he brought down and badly beaten. His mother that saw it, become hysterical and rise against the man but cause her got killed with Kid's gun. Not satisfied till there, he threw Kid out of the third floor balcony, fell on the lake that has hardened in winter caused him died instantly.

• Murder type: The Serial Killing

• Abilities:
    - Charge [ Base Skill ]
    - Heavy Slash [ Stage 1 ] +40stats

    - STR:  20(+10)               - CHA: 0(+5)
    - DEF:  10                        - INT:  0(+10)
    - MAG: 0                          - WIL: 10
    - SPD:  0(+10)                 - LUK: 0(+5)

• Weapon: Two-Handed Axe //yes that is an axe/

[  G o d  o f  D e a t h  ]

• Name: Anna World
• Location: North area Norwich
• Personality:
    + | kindly | avoids conflict | conscientious | sentimental | self-sufficient |
    -  | worrisome | taciturn | timid | skeptical | absent minded |
• Likes:
    - apple tea
    - tea time
    - holiday
• Dislikes:
    - work
    - people scolded
    - lightning
• Reason of late retrieval:
    Ann take on the role as a god of death with a half-hearted and in fact it's her first day of work. When a name appear in her Morte Nostra she was shakes her leg. 'Who is he?' 'How does he look?' 'How can I know it was him?' 'How to collect?' 'Can I do it?' 'What if I failed?' with those a lot of things in mind, she travelled to human world but ended losing direction then got lost. Further more she have not opportunity or guts to ask directions and passed the days distracted by the excitement of the city festival. She's even still in there, found was in a cafe in the corner of the city when it comes Dullahan's notify for demand responsibility. She admitted the mistake and asked for forgiveness.

[  m i s c e l l a n e o u s ]

• Currently:
    Living by himself in a small rent inn, because he know Ann prefers her privacy is not disturbed but later instead Ann bothering him with her complaints and babbles. Kid quite like his work as a keeper, besides he hasn't memories and other purposes. He is now in urge to become stronger and stronger
• Trivia:
    - The name 'Kid' comes because Ann named him arbitrarily. She doesn't too bothered by a simply name.
    - Kid has blonde hair with deep black colored eyes. The eyes are from his father that an Asian, his mother was a British.

• Relationship:

Claire: Claire walked into the base of BJBB, content with the new books and candy she had just bought. She walked through one of the corridors, already reading one of the novels.

MR: Mu popped out of the turn of the corridor, she saw a girl seriously reading a book while walking towards her. She wondered how the girl can do it, could she see the road in front of her? So Mu did not move from her place and wait.

Claire: The pile in Claire's arms wobbled precariously, but the rabbit kept the open book balanced on the top of all of it. She didn't pay attention to the way in front of her, so the girl was shocked when she bumped until the other rabbit and dropped her belongings.

"A-ah, I'm so sorry!" Claire stooped down to ground and started collecting the objects scattered around.

MR: She stood there for a moment, surprised herself that the girl really bumped into her, before she’s also crouching helping the girl collect her stuffs. She doesn't say anything though.

Claire: "Thanks, um..." Claire looked at the rabbit, wondering what their name was while the stacked the books back into her arms.

MR: "No problem" she replied. Well, part of it is her fault she reminded herself u_u).

Claire: Claire started to get up again. "May I ask what your name is sir?" the rabbit asked, mistaking the female for a man.

MR: "Oh sure... there" Mu took out sort of name-card and slipped it between the stack of books held by Claire. Part of the card that stand out showing the initials MR. "Contact me if you need anything" she continues with slight of her sales-smile.

Claire: Claire smiled. "Thank you. I'm Claire, it's nice to meet you~"

MR: She only nodded slightly and raise her hand for little wave. Her mind is wondering about what animals that seems like Claire, something... red panda? aha!

Claire: Claire held her book in one hand while she managed to wave with the other. "Are you planning to do anything today?"

MR: "...not really" She replied. Just before she saw Claire, she thought she'll lurking around the city though, but.. "why you asked?" She's curious

Claire: "Well, I was wondering if you'd want to explore the city with me a little," Claire replied. "I have nothing else to do anyway."

MR: "Hoo Let's do it" she nodded. Then she notices the pile of Claire's book that still make her hand busy. "Just leave those here" she points the books & stuffs.

Claire: "Okay~" The rabbit set down the books on a corner and stuffed the candy into her coat pockets. "Ready when you are!"

MR: "Yep, noone gonna steal it anyway" she embraces Claire in the shoulder and walks -almost drag- the little girl with her big steps

Claire: The brown hair rabbit was surprised by the sudden touch, but she decided to go along with it anyway and walked beside Mu.

[ Then they are outside…]

MR: "Here we are, where we gonna go?" Considering BJBB headquarters is very complicated, the entrance she went through before is in very different area from this exit. Moreover actually Mu hasn't familiar with the district yet.

Claire: Claire thought for a second. "Hm...have you been to Lapin Cafe? It's really nice~"

MR: Cafe...of course there are also cafes in this district. She's been to other cafe before, as worker. She applied as an errand boy before the manager insisted to place her as waiter because of her face. Well that what he said but it also makes her a must quit faster because some peoples started digging her past.

"Fine, you lead the way" She replies while putting on a hat -A black patrol-hat- to hide her bunny ears.

Claire: Claire nodded and walked through the city, though the streets she chose were slightly more vacant and the duo often passed other rabbits with their ears exposed. To pass the time, Claire decided to ask questions out of curiosity. "So, how did you join?"

MR: "How..." She thinks for a while "...because I don't have anywhere to go ---?" Her face looks quite serious "By the way you're pretty good at this"

Claire: Claire blinked. "Hm? What do you mean by that?"

MR: She pointed out the street "Looks like you have been here quite a long time" She really mean it as compliment and started feel comfortable walking with Claire.

Claire: The brunette nodded. "Yeah, I lived my last few years out on the streets with some friends."

MR: Living on the streets is not easy, especially for bunnies she believe, but if been together with friends, probably you won't feel too lonely? How it feels to have fine fellows? She put it in deep thought while walks in silence. Just before she only have her parents making it difficult to trust others.

Claire: Not getting a response, Claire glanced over at Mu. "You alright there?" She then turned her gaze back forward to see the elegantly colored cafe coming into focus.

MR: "Yeah" she snapped out from daydreaming. Is it still far? The cafe..." Her stomach trigered by something smell nice. She feels hungry now and just remember that she has not took lunch

Claire: Claire shook her head and pointed in front of her. "It's right over there. Come on~" She pulled open the cafe's door and signaled for Mu to enter.

MR: Unexpectedly the cafe is quite normal. flashy but elegantly. Mu walked into the cafe but just one step before she turned and held the door keep opened so that Claire could enter easily too. Naturally several pairs of eyes are looking at them.

Claire: "Thank you." Claire smiled and sat down at one of the tables, waiting for a server to come and take their order. Her rabbit ears were safely hidden away in her goldenrod ribbon. The rabbit gestured for Mu to take the seat across from her.

MR: She flipped open the menu as soon as she closes it "Hot strawberry chocolate, omelette, and curry rice" Those are her favourite dishes, and she just made sure they're available in the menu. The waiter wrote Mu order and took her menu.

Claire: "Hm...a vanilla milkshake and a BLT for me, please," Claire said before handing her menu to the waiter as well.

MR: After ordering, she leaned back and just looked ahead, observing the little girl in front of her.

Claire: Claire started whistling and humming to herself, lightly drumming her hands on the table.

MR: Mu just watching and unconciously trying to guess what song Claire's humming

Claire: "Hey, what was your life before you joined like?" the brunette asked out of the blue, looking at the rabbit expectantly.

MR: "umm happy?" She took conclusion. Just before, she often had little desire to experience the outside world, she still naive. Now after she joined bjbb, no, the moment after she came out of her house, she understands well the good intentions of his parents to worry about everything.

Claire: The brunette smiled. "That's nice, I was just wondering about specifics."

MR: She leans forward and flips her hand in front "Sorry, I can't tell you that" she smiles

Claire: "Aw...oh well," Claire replied, a small pout on her face. She quietly drummed her fingers on the table, waiting for the food.

MR: She realized that the little red panda slightly sulking because of her, but she can't help it if its about herself. She should be careful keeping the story of her past if she still wants to meet with her parents. Parts of her heart, deep down, still has hope they are there, somewhere. "How about you, you haven't tell me stories. I haven't ask, have I?" She smiles

Claire: "Ah, right, I guess I haven't." Claire thought for a few seconds, wondering where to begin. "Before I joined, I was part of this gang for several years."

MR: MR looks Claire straight in her eyes, she put expression of interest, ready to listen more

Claire: "We weren't that big," the girl continued. "All we wanted to do is survive. So we stole and conned people. A lot."

MR: She giggled a bit almost sounds like she's snorted. Made her feel she's already same with the other bunny. She's learned that first thing unites bunnies in BJBB is that they do not like humans. Now hearing something make fun of peoples is amusing.

Claire: The brunette, hearing the laugh, looked surprised. "D-Did I say something wrong?"

MR: "No, nothing" She added her sales smile to reassure the lil bunny."Go on"

Claire: "If you say so...Let's see...after a long time, we finally were caught in the act by POSRA. We ran away and got separated, and a member of the brigade saved me."

MR: 'separate' is quite sensitive word for Mu, naturally she has thought of helping the lil bunny searching for them. "Do you wish to meet your fellow friends again, Claire?"

Claire: The girl smiled. "Yeah, that would be really nice."

MR: Mu gives her smile as reply.

[Soon, their order come]

Claire: "Thank you!" the girl told the waitress. Her eyes gleamed at the mouthwatering food in front of her.

MR: Mu started right away her order put on table. She took a sip of the drink, before digging up curry rice with little by little prying on omelette.

Claire: The girl took a small nibble out of her sandwich. " you like your food?" she asked the rabbit before remembering to swallow her food.

MR: "Hmm hmm, they're nice" she already in her half-way.

[ A waitress come to their table although all of their orders both are already served. "Would you like our love cake, it's free, special for couple". Looks like it's one of the cafe promotion. The called love cake is adapt from fortune cookies. The small cakes available in many colour and there will be a piece of paper written inside. ]

Claire: "That would be lovely," the brunette replied. Once hearing the word "Cake", Claire missed the rest of the waitress' sentence.

MR: "You may choose one" Mu smiles at Claire's enthusiastic.

Claire: Claire nodded. "Can we get a blue one please?"

[ The waitress put the blue cake in a small plate and left with smiles. Mu push the plate towards Claire. ]

Claire: The girl smiled and ate a small piece. "You sure you don't want some? It's reaaally good."

MR: "No thanks" she's take a sip her choco then back with her meal.

Claire: "Alright, thank you." She took another bite out of the dessert. "Did you like the food?"

MR: "Yeah, told you. Here take a bite" She took a pinch of curry rice and eggs with a fork she hasn't used yet and held it to the front of Claire.

Claire: "Okay." Leaning forward, the rabbit took the bite a food. "Mmm..." the girl said, approving of the food.

MR: Then in a blink she finished her meal.

Claire: After finishing the cake, the girl reached towards her pocket, searching for her money to pay for their food.

MR: Mu saw Claire rustling with her pocket "Claire?, it's my treat" she smiled then raised her hand to call the waitress for bill.

Claire: "Ah, you sure? That's very kind, thank you," Claire replied, looking happy and thankful.

MR: "No problem" She smiled, then stood up from her seat, ‘treat is important in business relationship’ she thought "Is there any other place you want to go?"

Claire: "Hm...I'm think I'm good what about you?" Claire got up from her seat as well.

MR: "Let's go back then" She's tidying her coat, then walks to the door. "but... through public street" she added

Claire: "If you want to, them I'm fine with it." The girl opened the door and kept it open for her friend.

MR: MR took step outside then stop right in edge of the door to hold the door keep opened just same as the time they come in before she signaled Claire to walk first. then MR follows her little guide back to HQ with light steps.

-E N D-

BJBB RP Log: Little Guide
can't wait for another chance to RP with little Claire again :3
thanks for all patience

:iconzephyras-lied: > BJBB: Claire [Hearts] -- 816 words
:iconmonjinka: > BJBB : MR [Clubs] -- 1141 words

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